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At Eye Geeks Doctors of Optometry we have a beautifully curated collection of frames from around the world. We carry quality frame brands made by independent eyewear designers and companies whose focus is one thing- eyewear. We only carry brands we love.



999.9 pronounced “Four Nines” was started in 1995 in Japan. Their name is borrowed from the 999.9 engraving on pure gold bars. It signifies the brand’s continual strive to produce the perfect frame. Since the beginning, 999.9’s has viewed frames as fine optical tools that need to be comfortable, durable, and easy to adjust.

One unique feature of 999.9’s is the Gyaku-R temple hinge designed to distribute the frame weight evenly on the face and create a cozy wrapped feeling to wearing eyeglasses. Originally the brand sought to address the comfort issues faced by Japanese wearers such as frames slipping down the face, touching the cheekbone, and tightness around temples of the head. Over time, 999.9’s popularity increased throughout Asia as a premier brand, especially individuals seeking true Asian fit frames.

In recent years, their easy to wear styles and exceptionally comfortable frames have universally appealed to many wearers globally. 999.9’s popularity in Asian and Europe is a testament to the brand’s smart thoughtful designs that truly cater to all. Eye Geeks Doctors of Optometry is excited to the only Los Angeles office to carry this outstanding brand.



Nestled in the valley of Sabae, Japan, this design house’s philosophy is “Make it extraordinary, the next generation’s standard.” H-fusion draws on its heritage and locale in one of the world’s luxury eyewear manufacturing districts to help bring their designs to life.

H-fusion uses inspiration from the 1930s to 1980s and today to create memorable frames for wearers to use as expressions of self. Many of their designs are made of titanium material with delicate filigree detail, all handmade to perfection. A person wearing H-fusion has classic, refined sensibilities and want to set themselves apart from the crowd in a subtle way.  

Andy Wolf

This brand was started by three friends Andy, Wolfgang, and Katarina in Hartberg, Austria. (Katarina got short changed in the brand’s name). They wanted to create a fun, colorful collection Made in Austria from beginning to end.

There are over 90 steps involved in making one frame. The brand is made up of three collections. The Soul collection offers color sand shapes for individuals who want to add a little something interesting to their daily eyewear. Love is the design driven collection with bold details.  The White Heat collection gets its name from the color fire becomes after it gets really hot- first red, orange, then white. This collection represents the individual who isn’t afraid to experiment with their eyewear, making them OH SO HOT. These frames are high fashion statement pieces.


This brand was started by Hyman Moscot in the Lower East Side, Manhattan in the early 1900s. Hyman Moscot started selling eyeglasses with a pushcart around the neighborhood. He eventually established himself a loyal following. Fifteen years since starting his business, Hyman opened a retail shop at 94 Rivington Street. Today, Moscot celebrates being a 5th generation company offering individuals a smart, strong aesthetic to eyewear.


Garrett Leight California Optical



Modo is an American brand driven by a passion for finding the optimal balance of form and function. By exploring new materials and manufacturing techniques, MODO has created extremely thin Titanium and Acetate (plastic) frames. 

The Paper-Thin Titanium collection features frames that are only 0.6mm thick. Another technique used by Modo is housing a laser-cut stainless steel insert inside the front layers acetate layers called the Metal Core Acetate colelction. This results in one of the thinnest and most resilient acetate frames available.

Etnia Barcelona


This brand hails from Barcelona, Spain. The brand draws its inspiration from the city’s love of color, art, and culture. Etnia Barcelona frames are known for their unexpected color combinations and unique texturing that somehow just seem to work.  These frames create interest and compliments a patient’s natural face shape and features.

Rudy Project

Rudy Project was started in 1985 with the firm conviction to improve the performance of athletes all over the world.

The brand’s goal is to combine the latest and best materials along with style. Rudy Project works closely with athletes in all fields, listening to their wants and needs in sports eyewear. Rudy Project offers specialized eyewear enhance vision while playing sports including cycling, running, golf, tennis, and mountain biking. All frames are Made in Italy.

Ray Ban

America’s favorite eyewear brand was started in 1937. The brand first created a sunglass frame for U.S. pilots to use, now known as the Aviator. Over the years, classic designs such as the Wayfarer and Clubmaster have made Ray Ban a popular choice for all generations looking for cool eyewear.