Looking for Japanese Eyewear in Los Angeles? You’re in the right place.

Are you tired of uncomfortable glasses that slip down your nose, squeeze your temples, and touch your cheeks? Our curation of domestic Japanese brands ensures unique comfort for people with no/low nose bridges, higher cheekbones, and wider faces. Despite being known as an Asian Fit, we love that these frames are perfect for a broad range of faces.


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Like a gentle hug around your head and ears for ultimate comfort.

A patented hinge system optimized for comfort in the temple area.

Adjustable to ensure eyeglasses sit in the optimal position, these 3D nose pads for the ideal fit. No more worrying about your eyeglasses slipping down your face, touching your cheeks, or brushing against your eyelashes.

Lightweight, sturdy, and hypoallergenic for that barely there feeling. Master Japanese craftsmen pioneered the use of titanium over 40 years ago. Their experience and skill in fabricating with this fragile and often difficult material sets Japanese eyewear apart from the pack.

A highly durable, cotton-based material. Cellulose Acetate is a highly sought after, premium material for eyeglass frames. An environmentally-friendly option, Cellulose Acetate’s durability and resistance to temperature also ensure that your frames retain their shape over time.


This place is a hidden gem for Asians/ Pacific Islanders with high cheekbones and low nose bridges. I’ve always had an issue with eyewear. The last RX glasses I purchased did not fit me well (PRADA). I need nosepads in order for the glasses to sit comfortably on my face. I’m happy with my purchase and glad I stumbled upon this place.

Allyzon T.

You’re not going to find designer names, but rather high quality, unique, artisan frames. I ended up going with 999.9, a Japanese brand that specializes in frames for Asian faces. I’ve always had trouble finding frames that fit my face just right and these are perfection.

Katlyn T.

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