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4 steps to your perfect lens


This is primarily determined by your prescription. How thick and heavy will the lenses be? Helpful hint: The higher the prescription, the lighter your lens material should be to counteract your prescription.

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Your prescription will largely determine what type of lenses you should be wearing. Is your prescription for distance or near? We have different lens designs based on age and lifestyle

  • Under 40 years old: Single Vision – one prescription throughout the lens.
  • 40ish years old: Digital Boost – both distance and near prescription in the lens.
  • Typically 45 years old and above: – Progressives – no line multifocal with distance, computer, and reading prescriptions within one lens. Learn more about our Progressives HERE.
  • Specialty lenses –  such as Office Use Progressives.  Designed for maximum comfort in front of the computer. These lenses allow you to easily shift focus between your computer and near reading with prescriptions in the right position. The eye level of the lens for the computer and the bottom of the lens for near reading.

3. Anti-Reflective Treatment Options

These treatments optimize your vision and make it easier to maintain your lenses. This includes:

  • UV Protection
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Anti-Reflective/ Anti-Glare Capabilities
  • Dust, Oil, Water, and Smudge Resistant​
  • Blue Light Filter to ensure that your eyes aren’t strained from digital device use

4. Sun Options

  • Polarized Lenses- specialized treatment reduces glare by approximately 50%
  • Photochromatic-lens that is clear indoors and darkens outdoors
  • Tints
  • Sun clips- transforms eyeglasses to sunglasses quickly


We proudly carry Zeiss and Hoya branded lenses.

Zeiss is the epitome of German glass manufacturing, leading the way for high-quality, durable optical lenses.

Japanese manufacturer Hoya produces the hardest coating on the market. This unique coating makes lenses stronger and more scratch-resistant, increasing the lifespan, while making it easier to clean your lenses.

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What a great experience! I was able to be seen on the same day for an appointment. Sleek store and a great selection of frames. New equipment and very friendly staff. My glasses were ready within a week and fit perfectly. Definitely, the type of interaction that had me smiling the entire time! I would highly recommend it.

Tim D.

Friendly and professional staff and of course the doctor! The process is very clear, the charging is very clear, and also great attention to detail to help me get the right thickness of glasses for my frame.



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